Love SEA

Seattle has our hearts and for good reason! It is a diverse and influential city, boasting world-class innovation, philanthropy, natural beauty, and culture. We love every neighborhood of our city, but the University District is our home. 

UD (The University District) borders the University of Washington and other iconic neighborhoods of Seattle such as Wallingford, Fremont, Roosevelt, Ravenna, Laurelhurst, Montlake, and Portage Bay to the South. UD offers a mix of residential and commercial occupations, bustling with life from the 50,000 students that are on campus. It is also saturated with single-family homes and a landing spot for many young families. 

Our Sunday venue is the UHeights Community Center which is located in the heart of all the action. Three blocks off UW Campus and walkable for all student housing, we hope to be a source of hope and life in students’ spiritual journeys! We are also strategically positioned 3 blocks off the main interstate (i5) and 4 blocks’ walk from the new UD Light Rail Station, making our location accessible for all the families of the surrounding neighborhoods. There are roughly 600,000 people within a 20-minute commute of our location. 

“We desire to be a source of hope and life in the lives of the people of Seattle”

-Pastor Aaron & Rachel Young

When you join us for a Sunday you will have numerous options for things to do after! Here are just a handful of suggestions within a 5-10 min drive if you are not familiar with the area! Many of these are walkable from our venue. 

What we LOVE about SEATTLE!


Coffee + Tea

Parks and Recreation


  • UW Huskies Sporting Events (UW Campus)
  • Sunset at The Mountaineering Club District
  • Neptune Theater (Concert Venue) UDistrict – Burke Museum UW Campus


  • University Village Shopping Center
  • University Way Boutiques (The Ave)

We hope you enjoy your time in our neighborhood as much as we do!